Hi! I'm Tessa (hi, Tessa) and I cannot wait to meet you. 

If you choose to book me for any of these bucket list locations (or anywhere else awesome!) I’ll thank you with a discount!


  • Acadia National Park

  • Bryce Canyon

  • Joshua Tree

  • Redwood National Park

  • Big Sur, CA

  • Grand Canyon

  • Everglades

  • Aleutian Island, AK


  • St. Lucia

  • Isle of Skye

  • Northern Scotland

  • Norwegian fjords

  • Switzerland

  • Thailand

  • BC, Canada

  • Iceland

  • Faroe Islands

  • Southern France

Hey friends! I'm Tessa, I'm 23 and living in Rapid City, South Dakota with my husband Jake. I studied photojournalism in college, and channeled all that I learned into providing my clients with photographs that represent their lifestyle, their emotions, their world in the most real and raw way possible. 

I'm a big fan of eating more burritos and pasta in all it's glorious forms. I'm an advocate for justice and kindness. I haven't met a dog I didn't love, and I've never met a body of water I didn't have the urge to jump in. I love the ocean when the sky turns pink after a storm and the salty breeze is warm, and I love the mountains in the morning when the fog and the mist is still thick in the air. I'm an introvert, but I love the company of good friends (and good dogs). 

I've been in this business full-time for three years now, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Being surrounded by such amazing people on a monumental day in their lives never gets old. I've made so many friendships through this career, and I'm always reminded of how lucky I am to meet the people I work with. 

Photography has taken me all over the country and Central America. I am so grateful for every opportunity I've had to travel the world and do what I love. 

I can't wait to meet up with you and create something awesome alongside you!



This is for you. 

This is for you who love and laugh and cry and live with passion because the beauty in living is living with a fire in your soul. 

This is for those who lose themselves in the misty mountains and the ever-deeper sea and the covered forests. 

This is for those who don't seek applause or recognition for their lives and for their love, 

but this is for those who will always remember how they felt in that moment with the person who made them forget everything else. 

Your love is different and worthy and appreciated and strong and filled with passion and it is unlike any other, 

but that doesn't make it any less glorious. It makes it ethereal and

mysterious and

fragile and 



For your love belongs to you and God and only you can decide what your love means. 

And will forever mean. 

And other people will experience love through you. 

Through your spirit. Through the way you look at each other. Through the way you crave each other like the fire craves the air. 

If you wear your love like a warm blanket by a fire on a cold winter night;

If you ignite one another, pursue one another, crave one another; 

If you hike through the clouds to be among the treetops and take in the views like a breath of fresh air with your best friend; 

If you need one another to play the corresponding harmonies in your souls; 

If you are each other's fragmented sentences to create this fierce love story; 

If the thunder stirs your core and the lightning strikes restart your heart; 

If above all, your love is vulnerable and genuine...

I want to know you and your story. Let's create something amazing on a mountain peak and in the calming waters and in the waving wheat fields and in any place that makes you feel invincible. 

If this is you... I can't wait to meet you. Let's get started.