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Michael + Rachel // Wedding // Downtown Cleveland

Michael and Rachel tied the knot in one the most beautiful ballrooms I've ever seen. Surrounded by many family members from near and far and joined by wonderful friends who love them and their story. I'm so grateful for these two, and their overwhelming love for one another. I'm so excited to share these images and I hope you adore them as much as I do. 

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Devin + Olivia // Wedding // Mount Hope, Ohio

Devin spent his day looking at Olivia like she was the most beautiful, the most perfect, the most loved woman he had ever seen - he looked at her like she was magic he didn't know how to handle. Olivia spent her day talking about the man she waited her life for, the man she prayed for, the husband she dreamed of. She looked at him like he was every prayer she had ever whispered come true. 

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