Brandon + Maura // Proposal // Cleveland, Ohio

I actually met Brandon before I met Jake, my fiancé. I heard Brandon speak my freshman year of college about his travels in Europe, and while we never became close friends, I remembered his name and his stories a year later when my then-boyfriend told me he was going to dinner with his friend, O'Hara. Eventually, we went on a double date with Brandon and Maura and the next day when we asked us what we thought of her, we both responded that she was perfect and he better keep her around. 

Well keep her around he did, and now we're celebrating the engagement of two of my favorite people. Brandon gave Maura a book of photos of them through the years, ending with a photo of the ring he bought for her. I followed them back to Maura's house for a celebration with her family before ending the night at their favorite place, Great Lakes Brewery. I'm so grateful for these two friends, their love for one another, and this adventure they're about to embark on. Here's to the next chapter.