Air Force ROTC: PAST

At 5:30am, I walked in below-freezing temperatures across campus to OU's Aquatic Center to photograph a test that six cadets have trained an entire semester for. I seemed to be the only one of the people there who wasn't affected by the time or ungodly hour. The cadets of Detachment 650 are used to it. They're always pushing themselves as far as possible, constantly working to better themselves. Today was no different, as six cadets were physically tested to their limits in the Physical Ability and Stamina Test. 

Cadets Ryan Potter, Luke Hartings, Hunter Nunnelley, Jake Morain, Adam Brokaw, and Jake Lambert joined the Special Operations Physical Training Program this fall and have worked since the beginning of this school year under Cadets Trevor Vogelhuber and Jake Young. This program is for those who are looking to become a member of the Air Force Special Tactics Team. The goal of the program is to help train cadets for their future jobs in the Air Force after graduation. Careers include pararescuemen, combat control technicians, or special ops weathermen. The group completed the PJ (pararescue) test. 

I'm always impressed by the physical challenges those who join the military have to go through, and these six men volunteered to put themselves through intense physical demands multiple times a week in addition to their regularly scheduled PT trainings. That's real dedication. To give you a sense of what they went through today, I'm including a list of all the requirements they had to pass for their test: 

  • 2 x 25m underwater swim (three minutes in between)
  • 500m swim (must finish under 10 minutes, 7 seconds)
  • 1.5 mile run (must finish under 9 minutes, 47 seconds)
  • Situps in 2 minutes, 54 reps (minimum)
  • Pull-ups in one minute, 10 reps (minimum)
  • Push-ups in two minutes, 52 reps (minimum) 

It's clear that this is a program for only those who are dedicated, physically and mentally, to push themselves to the extreme. 

I've followed OU's branch of the Air Force ROTC around a lot over the past year, and I've really enjoyed it. I'm so grateful to them for letting me come to their events, and letting me get to know them all personally. I hope my photos captured these men's dedication.


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